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SSI Disability Lawyer Chicago

SSI Disability Lawyer Chicago Ankin Law Office, LLC has SSI disability lawyers in Chicago to help you through the often complex process. Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, is a program that provides benefits to qualifying disabled people with a disability that will last for at least one year or is expected to result in death.[…]

SSI disability Chicago

SSI disability Chicago If you are disabled, you may be eligible for benefits under SSI disability in Chicago. This is a benefits program that is separate from Social Security and available to people who are over the age of 65 or have a qualifying disability. The application process is complex and having an SSI disability[…]

Selecting an SSI Disability Lawyer Illinois Provider

Selecting an SSI Disability Lawyer Illinois Provider Finding the right attorney rarely is an easy task. This is especially so for those whose financial future is at stake. Many people with disabilities are unsure as to where they should turn to seek appropriate legal assistance. It’s important to find a SSI disability lawyer Illinois professional[…]

Getting SSI Disability Illinois Help

Getting SSI Disability Illinois Help If you have been suffering from a debilitating or serious injury or illness that prevents you from working, or perhaps a disabled veteran that suffers with service related injuries and disabilities, you may need the assistance of an SSI disability Illinois provider. Many people today are confused regarding the process[…]

Should you seek SSI or SSDI for your disability?

A Chicago Disability attorney can explain eligibility The Social Security Administration provides two types of disability benefits for people who cannot work gainfully due to disablement. As any Chicago disability attorney can explain, some people qualify for benefits under both the Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income programs. However, many people only qualify Read More

Can you collect Social Security Disability if you receive other assistance?

Using additional support programs Social Security Disability benefits often provide a crucial form of support to people who cannot work due to disabling conditions. Still, a Chicago disability attorney knows that residents who receive lower benefit amount may still need additional assistance. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration permits benefit recipients to collect other forms of Read More

Depression may qualify for Social Security Disability

A crippling burden Many people in Illinois struggle with depression. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that in 2012, as many as 16 million U.S. adults suffered one or more depressive episodes lasting at least two weeks. As most disability lawyers in Chicago know, these episodes can be seriously debilitating. Depression can be characterized Read More

Long Term Disability Attorney Illinois Professionals

Long Term Disability Attorney Illinois Professionals Disability insurance is extremely helpful to individuals who suffer with unfortunate injuries or illnesses. Many people will additionally suffer large financial losses. Unfortunately, disability lawsuits are being filed at increasing rates as insurance providers initially didn’t realize the number of disability claims that would be filed. This has led[…]

How Does Disability Affect Social Security Retirement Benefits?

If you are approaching retirement age and are considering or receiving disability benefits, you may wonder, “how does disability affect social security retirement?” Choosing to file for early retirement when you could qualify for disability benefits may be costly to you in the long run. On the contrary, receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits Read More

What If You Can’t Pay a Lawyer for a Social Security Disability Claim?

Social Security Disability benefits offer life-saving financial support to claimants. But what if you can’t pay a lawyer for a Social Security Disability claim? You may still have options, even if you can’t pay an attorney upfront. Most lawyers who handle these types of cases work on a contingency fee basis with no upfront costs. Should Read More